Color Innovations is an epoxy and paint retail company based in the Denver area.

At Color Innovations, our mission is to educate our customers and provide them with the quality epoxy and paint products that will best fit the needs of their project. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, our product lines have you covered and no one can beat our prices! From your walls to your floors, we have a variety of reliable, industry-best epoxy and paint products that are specifically designed to enhance your lifestyle or project. We are proud to be partnered with the likes of PPG/Pittsburgh Paints, CTM Epoxies, Rhino Solutions (American Made), Grindstone Grinders, and Chem-Systems — just to mention a few.

Whether you have questions about our epoxy and paint products, online information, or you are perusing our store/showroom, you can be sure that the minute you talk to one of our team members you will have the best experience from start to finish!

We are a Colorado proud, family-owned and operated business. We look forward to seeing you!


Are you tired of being one of the handful with eroding profit margins bidding on mainstream coating jobs?


Join us at 9:00 AM, the first Saturday of next month. See for yourself the wide range of epoxy and paint products available to set you and your business apart.  Develop your skills then diversify your product offerings to expand your cash flow and position yourself to choose your projects. Become that guy whose name is shared with friends of your proud clients.


Color Innovation (CI) was launched as a resource to flooring and decorative art contractors that are looking to stand apart from the pack. Our training offerings are unique in the Mountain Region. This training is backed by ongoing tech support and project collaboration. CI does not simply share a few tips and tricks; we bring you a refreshing array of  skills and capabilities that will set your business and your clients apart.


These are not entry level courses and not every contractor can master these. A time and resource investment will be required to integrate these into your offerings. However, if you are looking to set your business apart and position yourself to stay busy, profitable and engaged we are positioned to support your goals and objectives.