Are you looking to improve your epoxy coating skills? Color Innovation proudly holds various classes based around epoxy floor coatings. As one of the leading epoxy suppliers in the area, we carry a wide array of products, each requiring specific know-how to operate and use.

It is for that reason we focus on holding these training courses to help our variety of customers, from experienced epoxy contractors to DIY enthusiasts, learn how to properly use each product and teach them helpful application tips and methods for a better end product. Our epoxy coating training courses can help you understand both basic and advanced aspects of each epoxy flooring products we carry. To learn more about the epoxy flooring training we offer, keep reading!

The Types Of Classes We Offer?

Color Innovation loves helping expand the knowledge of our customers. Our epoxy training classes can appeal to just about anyone. Whether you are simply doing a DIY project in your garage or are a professional contractor looking to experiment with a new product, we have the classes for you!  Below are just a few of the many epoxy coating training courses we offer.

  • Wine and Epoxy. You’ve heard about the wine and canvas craze, but what about wine and epoxy? In this course, you can customize any color combinations you would like to create a unique art piece for your home or office while enjoying a glass of your favorite vino.
  • Product Training. Our product training and demonstrations are organized to show the unique features of each product by following a hands-on approach to help you better understand each product and how to properly use it.
  • Cementitious. Interested in upgrading the look of a patio or driveway? Our cementitious course will teach that various application techniques used for certain projects.
  • Concrete Polishing. If you are looking to learn more about concrete flooring, we offer a detailed concrete polishing training course. All major aspects of concrete polishing are covered, from repair, maintenance, and finish.
  • Italian Plaster. If you are interested in learning how to apply elegant finishes, this course will teach you the basics of italian plaster finishes! All major aspects of basic plastering are covered, such as surface prep, priming, sealing, and more!
  • Countertops. If you want to extend your epoxy ventures into countertops, this course is for you. Epoxy countertops look great, and our experts can teach you the proper techniques involved in the process.

Why Are Our Epoxy Flooring Training Important?

When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, you need to be familiar with all of the products that are involved. Our epoxy coating training courses will provide you with the best array of options, that way you will always know which product is best for the job.

For contractors, it is important to be aware of all of the different epoxy products and how they can benefit a project. With the proper know-how, you can support customers and make it easier to create appealing epoxy floors.

For those working on personal projects, you probably have less knowledge of epoxy products than a contractor, which is why our DIY epoxy classes are necessary; they will not only help you understand the products, but they will also help you learn the proper methods and techniques to ensure your project is a success.

Although epoxy floor coatings can be complicated, the right knowledge and training can ensure you are using them to your advantage!

Learn More About Our Epoxy Floor Coating Training

Are you interested in learning more about our epoxy floor coating classes? Our courses are taught in a comfortable, professional, and knowledgeable setting! To learn about upcoming classes and pricing, contact Color Innovation today!