Cementitious overlay has recently become one of the best top coats on the market. This cementitious floor coating was initially designed for the food and beverage industry to handle consistent contact with water and thermal changes in their facilities. Now that it has been discovered to work in all kinds of commercial capacities, more people than ever are using it!

Here are the top three reasons for using cementitious top coats:

If you your flooring is going to come in frequent contact with water, this is the top coat for you! Cementitious floor coating creates an impenetrable barrier between liquids and the base flooring.

The application allows for a seamless finish, which not only maintains the aesthetics of your business, but also has been proven to decrease collection of bacteria and other chemicals in the floor seams.

Cementitious overlay is able to withstand huge temperature fluctuations, and since it expands and contracts like concrete, the risk of bending or cracking in the flooring is extremely low.