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Color Innovation is proud to be Denver’s premier retail company for epoxy, paint and concrete sealer. Family-owned and operated, with a mission to provide all of our customers quality products to best fit any project, there’s no better place to look for the supplies you need! Homeowners and contractors alike can find all they need at our store. We boast a wide selection at unbeatable prices! Our team members are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. Now let’s get you started on that project!

What is Concrete Sealer?

Similar to floor coatings, concrete sealer is a material applied to surfaces such as concrete or masonry, in order to add an additional level of protection the natural surface material doesn’t provide. Sealers work its way into the porous concrete to make it resistant to water, and in turn, complications like mold.

Concrete sealer is a long-term shield to the surface it’s applied to, increasing the floor’s durability and lifespan, which is a fantastic way to keep your costs manageable as there is no need for repair or replacement!

Benefits of Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealer is incredibly beneficial to the surfaces you want protected, and to top it off, they are super easy and quick to install with proper technique. Here are a few top benefits to concrete sealer:

  • Inhibits Mold
  • Increases Durability
  • Extends Life
  • Offers Protection
  • Enhances Color

Concrete Sealer We Carry

CTM Acrylic Sealer — WACT-30-WACT is a one-component ACRYLIC water-based sealer. It has excellent appearance, is UV stable and provides strong resistance to certain chemicals. This product is designed to penetrate and seal porous mineral surfaces such as concrete and masonry. It can also be used as a membrane for freshly cured concrete. Perfect for garage flooring among many others!

Stamped Concrete Sealer — This is a concrete sealer that’s clear acrylic, co-polymer that cures, seals, dust-proofs and hardens freshly-cast concrete. It also provides maximum protection against common staining materials to make a great garage flooring system or any other place with concrete!

PPG Seal Grip Perm Sealer Vapor Barrier — This seal grip is designed for use on interior walls and ceilings where a non-breathing, vapor-barrier primer sealer is required. This product slows down interior moisture migration from a warm, damp area of a home or building to a cold, dry area. As a result, the insulation is protected from getting moist and losing its efficiency. This product can be top-coated with latex or alkyd paints.

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Prevent your concrete and other surfaces from damage due to constant exposure to the elements and wear and tear of time. No surface is durable enough to withstand the beating it takes, but by adding a protective layer with a concrete sealer, you provide protection that will in turn save you money. Contact our Denver location today!