GS-V6-220 / 21” grinder: $275.00 per day
With Vac: $380.00

GS-680-2-220-30amp /28” grinder: $375.00 per day
With Vac: $480.00 per day

5” Hand Grinder with shroud: $45.00 per day
7” Grinder with shroud: $75.00 per day
$50.00 pick-up and delivery fee for grinders
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Grinders On the Job

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Color Innovation is proud to be Denver’s premier retail company for epoxy and paint as well as supplies, epoxy flooring training and floor grinder rentals. Family-owned and operated, our mission has always been to provide you with the finest epoxy and paint products, which fit any project you have. There’s no better place to look for everything you need in one convenient location! Homeowners and contractors alike can find anything they require in our store as we have a large selection of epoxy and paint products at unbeatable prices! Our team members are knowledgeable and dedicated to exceptional service from start to finish, helping us become a Broncos Business Pick. So let’s get you started on that project today!

Affordable Floor Grinder Rentals

A floor grinder is an exception tool in the epoxy flooring business which allows for leveling concrete floors, polishing and cleaning them! Floor grinders us horizontal discs, which quickly and powerfully rotate to finish rough surfaces and smooth edges, and diamond bits embedded in the disks in order to grind the floors and achieve your required level of shine.

Color Innovation has several different floor grinder rentals available for you today depending on the needs of your project. All our rentals are on a per-day basis at affordable prices, both with or without an accompanying vacuum.

Floor Grinders vs. Hand-Held Grinders

There are two types of floor grinders and each has their best uses depending on your project scope and goals. Floor grinders are bigger, bulkier grinders for use on large surfaces, while hand-held grinders are smaller and best for more finessed use. Hand-held grinders are generally used for worktops and floor grinders for floors and patios. Here is a quick breakdown of their differences:


Hand-held grinders are smaller and significantly lighter, whereas floor grinders are large, bulky and designed for use on floors and patios.


Floor grinders are comfortable as you stand when operating them, while hand-held grinders often involve getting on your hands and knees for up-close use.


Hand-held grinders are not intended for use on large flooring surfaces and will not last if applied to them. They are intended to sharpen tools, shape material and smooth small-scale surfaces. Floor grinders are meant for whole-floor applications and are built to last for use on them.

Tips for Using a Floor Grinder

Floor grinders can be used under both wet and dry conditions, but wet conditions allow for water to cool down the process and expunge the dust by reducing friction, but it can be messy. It’s best to utilize both wet and dry practices when polishing a floor.

There are two types of wheel settings, one for moving the grinder and another for the discs. Make sure you’re in the right setting before moving and using the floor grinder to avoid damage to it and the floor. It’s best to use side-to-side movements and not circular motions to prevent swirls from forming on the floor’s surface. When finished, be sure to clean the machine to avoid messy material buildup.

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Prevent a lack of necessary equipment from stalling your project’s progress and avoid spending thousands of dollars when a floor grinder rental may be the best financial option for your needs. Our rentals are available on an affordable per-day basis with several different types from floor grinders to hand-held grinders. Contact us and secure your rental today!