Epoxy Mixed With Flakes

Epoxy mixed with flakes can make garage floors easy for cleanup of spills and very durable this method can also be used indoors or in multiple areas.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring helps with easy cleanup when spills may occur and in high traffic areas

Epoxy Over Tile

Epoxy can be put over existing ugly tile making it look like a brand new area.

Epoxy Counter & Floor

Customized countertops with epoxy and custom flooring in the kitchen area. Before and after. Epoxy on countertops to make them waterproof, bacteria resistant & durable.

Epoxy 3D Floors

Floors have an Epoxy metallic done with a 3D art piece insert.

Cementitious & Epoxy

Creating shower areas and bathroom countertops with cementitious and epoxy which creates a waterproof and mildew resistant area.

Cementitious Resurfacing

Before and after pictures of resurfacing with cementitious.

Industrial Floor Before & After

This floor was getting eaten up by sugar breaking down the concrete. After treating all of the cracks and grinding away loose concrete making it level, the epoxy topcoat was then applied to create a very durable surface that sugar cannot destroy like the concrete.

Pool Decks

Pictures of the pool deck being redone with cementitious products.