Interior (NT)

  • Extremely versatile, can be feathered to a zero edge, used in interior applications and supplied to vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Features exceptional bond strength, product adheres to most substrates, well bonded adhesive and coatings on stable substrate.
  • Features excellent abrasion resistance and can achieve a compressive strength of 6000 PSI
  • Finish effects can include, but are not limited to, broom finished solid colors to knock down with subtle variegation to smooth marbleized hues.
  • Because of the ultrathin application, he licks micro topping NT offers substantial savings over high dosage cement coloring used in typical concrete construction.
  • Delivers a fresh, durable pallet, optimal for the application of CSI ChromaStain or Helix Concrete Dye.

Heavy duty (HD)

  • Provides a sprayable cementitious coding for Exterior and Interior concrete surfaces.
  • Extraordinary adhesion and its ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Provides a tough water retardant coating that substantially reduce his water penetration, freeze-thaw scaling and concrete carbonation.
  • A “breathable” coating that releases normal in trapped vapor without loosening or blistering.
  • Available in two base colors- white and natural cement,  liquid tint packs are available to achieve additional colors.
  • Recommended thickness 90 mils ( 3/32”) inch or 2.38 mm up to a ¼”inch thick. Can be used to fill pop outs, voids, and damaged areas up to 1” inch deep before final application.

Helix Microtopping HD is a polymer-modified two component, cement-based universal coding that can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry, metal, wood and tile. It consists of unique vinyl-acrylic polymer liquid that is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend. Helix Microtopping HD is available in gray and white bass and can be colored using liquid tint packets. Helix Microtopping HD is available in sanded and unsanded versions.

Package sizes:

  • Basecoat available and 55 pound bags
  • Finish coat available and 40 pound bags
  • Liquid available in one and 5 gallon pail‘s

Coverage rates:

Coverage rates may very depending on the texture porosity, condition of the concrete, application method and other local conditions.

  • Sanded base: 2.5 gallons of liquid and 1 bag yields approximately 200-250 sqft
  • smooth finish: 2.5 gallons of liquid and 1 bag yield approximately 400-500 sqft