Helix Stampable Overlay Product Benefits:

  • Decorative overlayment that looks like imprinted concrete and functions as a durable concrete surface.
  • Helix stampable overlay is a VOC product that contributes toward LEED’s points.
  • Available in mini standard colors and can be modified to set faster or slower by using common concrete admixtures.
  • Ideal for interior as well as exterior applications.
  • Can be installed over a rigid waterproof membrane system, or Helix Epoxy Bonder primer system.
  • Provides a fast track construction option by allowing the delay of decorative flooring installation until after the initial heavy construction is complete.
  • May be applied in thicknesses ranging from a minimum of a ¼” inch thick to a ½” inch thick and can be modified with Pea gravel for applications over ½” inch thick.
  • Available in white or gray base
  • Can be colored on site by using Helix Stampable Overlay tint packs.