• Stone Images Carvable Limestone Overlay is a system comprised of the overlay, color and sealer.
  • This Overlay is a VOC product that contribute toward LEED’s points.
  • Contains natural quarried limestone.
  • Designed to be hand carved do you provide a one-of-a-kind stone surface.
  • Functions as a durable concrete wear service.
  • Ideal for Interior and Exterior applications
  • Stone Images Carvable Limestone Overlay provides a fast track construction option by allowing the delay of decorative flooring installation until after the initial heavy construction is complete. This illuminates the need to invest in protection of the service and greatly reduces damage from construction-related traffic.
  • May be applied and I thickness ranging from featheredge to 1 ½” inches thick. Recommended thickness is a ¼” inch.

Package Sizes:

Stone Images Carvable Limestone Overlay Powder white is available in 50-pound bags.

Coverage Rates:

Coverage rates may vary depending on the texture, porosity and condition of the concrete, application method, and other local conditions.

Coverage rate per 50-pound bag:

  • Basecoat: 100-125 sqft. when squeegee applied on flat smooth concrete.
  • Texture coat: 22-25 sqft when applied at ¼” inch thickness