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Color Innovation is proud to be Denver’s premier retail company for epoxy and paint as well as paint supplies and epoxy materials. Family-owned and operated, with a mission to provide all of our customers quality products to best fit any project, there’s no better place to look for the supplies you need!

Homeowners and contractors alike can pick up everything they require right here in our store. We boast a wide selection of products at absolutely unbeatable prices! Our team members are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish. So let’s get you started on that project!

Save Time and Money

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than searching all over the place to find the one thing you’re missing. Holding up your project, whether it’s just for you and your home or an entire commercial endeavor, is an inefficient use of your time and will almost certainly hit your budget.

At Color Innovation, we believe that there should be nothing delaying the completion of your project, which is why we not only carry the paint and epoxy you’re looking for, we also sell all the paint supplies and epoxy materials needed to finish a job. Best yet, we stay true to our mission and offer all our products at unbeatable prices!

Some Paint Supplies & Epoxy Materials We Carry

Maybe you’re starting from scratch or have items that need replaced. Either way, we have what you need to push your project that much further to completion. Some paint supplies and epoxy material we carry in our Denver store include:

  • Semi-rough rollers for in-between abrasiveness
  • Rough rollers to tough surfaces
  • Painter’s Choice rollers for flat paints, latex and oil-based paints
  • Trowels
  • Knee pads
  • And beyond

We simply have too many items to fully list, so if you’re looking for a particular paint supply or epoxy material, contact us and find it now!

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Stop wasting time buying the things your project requires one piece, and place, at a time and find everything you’re looking for in a single convenient location! Color Innovation has the paint supplies and epoxy material you’ll need at our Denver location. Contact us today!

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