Your Local Epoxy and Paint Retail Company

Color Innovation is proud to be Denver’s premier retail company for epoxy and paint as well as cementitious, supplies and epoxy flooring training. Family-owned and operated, with a mission to provide our customers the best products which fit any project, there’s no better place to look for the supplies you need! Homeowners and service professionals alike can find everything they need in our store. We have a vast selection of epoxy products at prices that can’t be beat! Our team members are knowledgeable and dedicated to exceptional customer service from start to finish, helping us become a Broncos Business Pick. So let’s get you started on that project and one step closer to finishing!

Truly Unique Epoxy Flooring Training

Color Innovation launched its one-of-a-kind epoxy flooring training classes with the intent to provide a resource for flooring and decorative art contractors who are looking to stand out in a highly-competitive industry. Backed by our exceptional, experienced and ongoing technical support with proven results, this class is designed to broaden your skills and capabilities, both as an industry professional and as a successful business leader.

For your business to be successful, you need to win bids for jobs in order to maintain steady cash flow. Learning and better understanding today’s methods and techniques will allow your company and your work to shine, so that you emerge as the unquestionable choice for potential clients. While in our epoxy flooring training, you can see first-hand the products we offer and how they enhance the work you do and in no time, your business will be the one whose name spreads like wildfire!

These are not entry-level courses and not every contractor can master the material. A time and resource investment will be required to integrate them into your business. However, if you are looking to set your business apart and position yourself to stay busy, profitable and engaged, Color Innovation can support your goals and objectives.

DIY Epoxy Training

Our overall mission may be to help industry professionals elevate their businesses to unprecedented profit, but Color Innovation is also welcoming to any DIYer in the Denver area looking to form a base-level knowledge of epoxy for self-installation! While we do recommend most epoxy flooring be professionally installed, we do understand some of you out there are eager to take on the work yourself. Learn how to prepare and install a flake or quartz epoxy flooring system using our CTM products and form a stronger understanding of epoxy overall!

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Whether you are already a service professional, or a DIYer looking to accurately learn more about epoxy flooring, you will benefit from this epoxy flooring training class! Color Innovation wants you comfortable and happy, so lunch and training materials are always provided. Contact us today for dates and prices!